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Under Construction: An American Masque by Charles L. Mee is set within a contemporary banqueting hall, where spectators will be served a light repast while immersed within a collage of America today — scenes and songs and dances inspired by Norman Rockwell of the fifties, and scenes and songs and dances inspired by the installation artist whose work most resonates in today’s culture of socio-political corruption and moral degradation, Jason Rhoades. Rockwell and Rhoades juxtaposed side by side—then and now, the fifties and the present, the red states and the blue states, where we grew up and where we live today, a piece that is, like America, permanently under construction. Following their exuberant and muscular production of Mee’s Heaven on Earthat the 2015 WoW Festival, Under Construction will be conceived, directed and designed by the same core artistic team, consisting of Sledgehammer Founding Artists Scott Feldsher and Robert Brill (Feldsher will direct, Brill will design) and will be produced in association with the UC San Diego Department of Theatre & Dance, where Brill serves as Professor of Scenic Design.